9 Things You Have To Do in NYC This Summer

Congratulations - You survived winter, and although it's not officially summer yet, the weather is definitely back on our good side. You can't beat summertime in New York. We've been hibernating for months and now it's time to play. Check out my 10 recommendations of things you must do in New York this summer to make it the best one yet. 

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A Buffalo Bridal Shower

I went to Buffalo this past weekend to attend my sister Meredith's bridal shower. She's getting married this August (so exciting!) and I'm her maid of honor, so it was a super busy weekend packed with wedding planning and we had a great time. Buffalo is really nice this time of year - the city is right on the water so although it's super hot outside, there's very little humidity. 

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Hello loves! This weekend I escaped Manhattan and stayed at my lovely friend's beach house in Long Beach Island. It felt so great to be back on the water surrounded by nature. I spent every minute outside enjoying the fresh air and relaxing with friends. My first morning in LBI, I woke up early and snuck in a great bodyweight workout before it got too hot. It felt amazing to exercise outdoors and enjoy the amazing water views. 

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