7 Perfect Places to take your Parents to Brunch in NYC

1. Chalk Point Kitchen

I swear it's impossible to walk into this place without a smile on your face. They have an adorable dog waiting at the entrance, the staff is as friendly as Elf, and the cocktails are to die for. The food? Don't get me started. The family-style menu allows you to try a million different delectable things. The vibe is a mix of cheery and chill, making it perfect for a sit-down with the Instagram-using parents.

2. Bubby's

Perfect when your parents are hearty-meal-loving folks. We're talking the works: fluffy pancakes, biscuits, mac n' cheese, and bacon, crispy crispy bacon. The decor consists on country-esque gallery walls and seasonal decorations. Even grandma would be a fan.

3. Cafe Clover

This place is so pretty. Every single thing about it is pretty: the West Village exterior, the beautifully crafted dishes, and the lovely wait staff. It's best described as sophisticated with a splash of calm and collective. This would be a hit for the classy parents. 

4. Boqueria

If your parents love to travel, they'll appreciate the authenticity of Boqueria's brunch menu. Order a few tapas for the table to share, and enjoy the Barcelona-esque restaurant vibe. The steak & eggs are to die for, and the cocktails are spot on.

5. Cookshop

It's hard not to love this place, not matter who you are. The menu has a wide variety, it's reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is somehow perfect for everyone. It's in a great location for parents traveling in from town, and during the summer they have lots of outdoor seating.

6. Jack's Wife Freda

This one's for the mothers that love to pay attention to detail. The dishes are colorful, savory, and light. The placement menus are an Etsy lovers dream, and the custom, witty sugar packets are one of a kind.

7. Gotan

If you're looking for something quick and casual, Gotan is the place for you (and your parents, let's not forget about them.)  The lattes are unrivaled. I have one every weekend. Seriously. Also, try the tuna avocado poached egg salad and the greek yogurt granola with fruit. 

Now, go make that brunch reservation for this Saturday. You know you want to.

XOXO, Melinda 

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