My First Time

My first trip to Europe was absolutely amazing. My boyfriend and I both love traveling and experiencing new cultures, so Europe is a perfect place for us! 

Our First Stop: AMSTERDAM

At some point in your life, you MUST visit this magical place. I've never seen anything like Amsterdam in my life. The curvy, dam-lined streets were perfectly picture-esque, and the bikes whizzing by from every direction kept me on my feet. It was so easy to get lost in this city, distracted by the beautiful people, the gouda shops, and the tilted houses. Wander through street markets, take a boat ride, do yo thang. 

Our Second Stop: Paris 

Pretty, pretty Paris. Balconies draped in flowers, perfectly fluffy baguettes, and lots of wonderful shopping. Sign me up. My favorite part was the fashion. Slim suits, fur coats, and amazing hats filled the sidewalks. It's definitely an easy place to fall in love.

Our Third Stop: Barcelona

Barcelona. Let's all just get it over with and move there. This tropical, ocean-side city has it all: delicious food (you have to try paella, tapas, and lots of seafood),  a great nightlife (including beachfront nightclubs and yachts galore) and gorgeous architecture. The people are laid-back, fit, and upbeat. They love to stay out till 8am, drink one too many glasses of sangria, and dance the night away on the beach. Are you convinced yet?


Which European city is your favorite? Comment below and let me know!

Gracias // XOXO, Melinda