Shades of Gray

New York can be so cozy in the fall. The key to dressing for this time of year is layering, because you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you. When layering, sometimes I like to keep everything different shades of the same color. It simplifies the overall look so that it doesn't get too busy, and who doesn't want to look like 50 shades these days? 

It's not quite cold enough to wear gloves, and that's the perfect excuse to cover your hands in pretty rings.


To be honest, this coat really isn't very warm. It's best described as a knit, because it doesn't have the lining I was expecting. It's been the perfect weight for this weather though and I've definitely gotten a lot of use out of it this fall!

When I layer my tops, I love to mix in different textures and shades. I think this tends to make the outfit a little more interesting and adds dimension.

I've been carrying this big Zara bag all fall because it's the only one I have that's big enough to hold my giant umbrella, and the black leather works well with everything.

What were your staple items this fall? Comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading, XOXO Melinda

My Outfit Details

Zara Coat with Lapels

Banana Republic Mixed-Stitch Turtleneck Sweater (they have this in a million colors!)

Zara Super Skinny Jeans (similar ones here and here)

H&M Black Suade Booties (also love these)

Similar Zara Bag